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Flight Training

Earn Your Wings!


If you want to learn to fly a hang glider, Quest Soaring Center is the best place on the planet to do it. Our licensed instructors are focused on helping you to reach your goals, using proven, confidence-building teaching methods. We’re fun, we’re friendly, we’re safety-conscious, and most importantly, we are dedicated to your success.


The number of tandem flights required before soloing varies greatly with each individual. If you fly only once a month, it will take you a long time to progress; if you fly several times each morning and evening for successive days, it will happen much more quickly. If you have other aviation experience you’ll probably learn a little quicker, since you already understand concepts like ground speed and airspeed and how to set up an approach.


20 tandem flights is generally the minimum needed. Some students require more. Therefore, our lessons are available in packages, so you can tailor the number to your needs. You’ll earn your U.S. Hang Gliding Association’s Novice Hang 2 and aerotow ratings after several solo flights, when your instructor is confident that you have the skills and judgment to fly without direct supervision.


Tandem Lessons Pricing:

20 Flight Package $2,000.00

10 Flight Package $1,000.00

3 Flight Package $300.00

Ground School $40.00 hour


Aerotow training for rated pilots:

We offer complete aerotow training for rated pilots. Contact us for details.

Call for details and to schedule your training. 352-429-0213


Solo Flights:

Pattern Tow: $15.00

2500 feet AGL: $25.00