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Discovery Tandem Hang Glider Flights

Give your dreams wings!


Hang gliding is as close to being a bird as you can get without being hatched. There’s no cockpit to separate you from nature and no roar of an engine. You’ll be able to feel the air on your face, to carve your wings through it, and often, to share it with eagles, osprey and vultures.


Choose from a 2,000 foot Discovery Flight Lesson, or opt for more airtime and views with our 4,000 foot ultimate adventure. Our professional, certified, highly qualified instructors will tailor your flight around your wishes. If the weather is right, you can see both Florida coasts, Downtown Disney and Epcot, Universal Studios, Orlando and Tampa. On special days you might even see a shuttle or missile launch from Cape Canaveral.



On your tandem hang gliding flight, you’ll be paired with a highly qualified, USHGPA-certified tandem instructor, and will be attached together as well as hooked into the glider. Tandem hang gliders are specifically designed for the job and are certified by the Hang Glider Manufacturers Association. There’s no running involved, either. Since our tandem hang gliders have heavy-duty landing gear, your take off and landing will be on wheels.


No flying experience is necessary.

A light sport airplane will tow you up to the desired altitude. Once you’ve released from the plane, you’ll be amazed at how quiet and peaceful hang gliding can be. Your instructor will show you how to fly the glider, teaching you the basics of how to turn, slow down and speed up. After these simple instructions, you’ll be able to take the controls – even if you have no prior flying experience whatsoever.


You don’t need strength or fitness to tandem hang glide, and almost anyone with a desire can fly, but some restrictions apply. Reservations are required. Call 352-429-0213 for more information and reservations.


Discovery Tandem Flight Pricing:


2,000 ft. flight, approximately 15 minutes, $209


4,000 ft. flight, approximately 20 minutes, $299


In-flight video, $60


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