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Advanced Training

Expand your horizons!


Advanced lessons are by appointment and should be reserved well in advance. To ensure complete one-on-one attention, each instructor will work with only one to two students at a time. They combine detailed ground-school instruction with intensive flight training and are designed to help you reach your goals as quickly and as safely as possible. The format of the advanced hang gliding instruction will allow for as much flexibility and individuality as possible. Half-day and full-day custom lessons are available.


Aerotow Training:

If you're already a pilot but need aerotow training, we have the program for you. We use an over/under harness to more closely simulate a solo glider “feel”.


Thermalling instruction in tandem glider:

$100 tow and $35/hr of airtime


Thermalling instruction solo with instructor:

$25 tow and $35/hr of airtime


Landing clinics – Our unique program of 500' pattern tows with glider mounted GoPro cameras allows for set up of a proper approach and landing. These flights also qualify for spot landings for your next rating. Videos are reviewed after a set of three landings.


XC Training – We teach every aspect of flying XC. These programs are for anyone that has an interest in recreational XC flying or in competition.



An instructor will evaluate your experience, skills and logbook to help develop and execute a plan to achieve your next rating or special skill. This includes Hang 3, Hang 4, Tandem 1, 2 and Advanced Tandem Instructor.


These lessons will be custom-tailored to work with your specific skills and experience level and take you quickly and safely in any direction you want to go – perfecting landing approaches and flare technique; pursuing advanced maneuvers and smooth controlled freestyle; mastering the art of thermaling; expanding your horizons with cross country flying; or pushing the limits of technical cross country racing.


Required Equipment

The following equipment will be necessary to participate in the advanced training.


Intermediate (minimum) hang glider



Variometer and GPS

Primary and secondary AT releases

In-flight drinking water system

Retrieval driver/ vehicle



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